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Hot Water Tanks

Hot water is a luxury each of love to enjoy, and during winter season, you really want your hot water tank to work. However, if it doesn’t, you might need to get your hot water tank repaired or install a new hot water tank. We ensure that you always have hot water.

How to Pick a Hot Water Tank?

Your home’s requirements will be different from that of any other home. Thus, you need to select a hot water tank that will serve your purpose. You might not be able to figure out which one will be a better option for your home. Byron’s Plumbing will help you choose the right hot water tank depending on capacity and budget.

There are two types of hot water tanks available – a traditional hot water tank and a tankless hot water tank. You have the option of choosing between a traditional hot water tank, or a smaller, tankless unit that is eco-friendly. The most commonly used hot water tanks are the ones that come with a tank. They have the capacity of storing gallons of water at a time. Whereas, tankless ones cannot store heated water. They heat water when you need it. The water passes through a series of coils in the unit. As the tankless ones do not store heated water, they are an energy efficient option. They also do not eat up a lot of space.


Our professional plumbers guide you by checking all the possible parameters.

Why have a Professional Hot Water Tank Installation?

Installing a hot water tank is a difficult process. Hence, a professional hot water tank installation is is always recommended. The installation of a hot water tank deals with natural gas, carbon monoxide, and a pressure-controlled holding tank, and Byron’s Plumbing professionals are well-equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge. They also follow the necessary safety procedures, to get the installation work done safely and efficiently. We will remove your old hot water tank unit and replace it with a new one in the same day, so you can continue to enjoy your hot water.

How to Maintain a Hot Water Tank?

If you maintain your hot water tank properly, you will not only be able to keep it working efficiently but also will it serve you for a long period. Regular maintenance will help to lower your costs on repairs. You can use these tips to maintain your hot water tank.

  • Have your temperature and pressure relief valve checked once in a year. Open it up for few seconds and let some water flow out. Then close it. You need to call the Byron’s Plumbing professionals if the relief valve continues to let out water.

  • Get your pipes insulated. You can purchase a self-stick 3/8-inch thick foam pipe insulation. You need to ensure that it matches your pipe’s diameter. Slide the foam over the hot and cold water pipes as far as you can reach. Getting your cold water pipes insulated will prevent condensation in summers.

  • Insulating your pipes is not enough, you also need to insulate your heater. You need to use a hot water tank insulating blanket that will help maintain heat and save a lot of energy.

  • Setting your hot water tank temperature on a daily basis will provide you with enough hot water while saving a lot of energy.

  • Over a period of time, there can be a possibility of sediment build-up. You can eradicate this problem by flushing your hot water tank at least once in a year.

Hot Water Tank Repairs

Enjoying a warm shower and suddenly cold water is pouring down on you? Hot water tank problems are not just annoying, they can interrupt your life. Hot water tank replacement costs are too high. You will want to consider repairs to your hot water tank rather than replacing it.

Some of the signs that your hot water tank needs repair are no hot water, leakage, dirty water slow heating, and unusual noises. You can have your hot water tank fixed in no time with Byron’s Plumbing emergency repair service.

Why choose us?

We respond quickly and try to solve all your plumbing problems at the earliest. Also, we have technicians that are handpicked, licensed and experienced. we respect our customers and give you the best possible service.


If need a hot water tank fixed or replaced – get in touch with us.

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