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Boiler Maintenance

The best way to ensure that your boiler does not break down is to have regular boiler maintenance checkups. Additionally, a maintenance checkup keeps your boiler running efficiently, keeping your energy bills down, especially during the winter months. A proactive maintenance program pays dividends in not only better boiler performance but also in the overall safety of those working in the boiler plant.

Don’t wait for a boiler breakdown to strike you. Our boiler maintenance service ensures that your boiler works without any interruption.

If you are looking at your boiler only when there is a problem, you are doing something very wrong. You should keep a watch on your boiler even when there is nothing wrong with it, and you will be able to get maximum benefits out of your boiler without having to spend too much on it.

Essentials of boiler maintenance

If you want to access maximum benefits of your boiler, ensure it’s serviced annually. A boiler that is not taken care of regularly tends to work inefficiently and consumes more energy.

With an annual servicing from Byron’s Plumbing, you can expect the following:

  • Proper checking and cleaning of all pipes and other components

  • Functionality testing of all the components of the boiler

  • All the parts that are not working will be replaced with new ones


Why is boiler maintenance important?

You can ensure that your boiler is safe with proper boiler maintenance. Regular boiler maintenance will keep the boiler functioning and make it energy efficient. Apart from compulsory inspections, checking every component of the boiler from time to time is very important, as one component failure might result in the failure of another component soon. The thermometers, pressure gauge, gauge glass, low water cut-off devices, temperature control and pressure relief valves should be regularly checked. It will help to extend the life of your pressure vessel and ultimately that of your boiler.

Boiler maintenance helps save money

Your boilers will work more efficiently and smoothly if they are properly maintained. This allows you to save money on energy costs. Regular maintenance increases its and reduces the chances of your boiler breaking down. This further ensures you avoid repair and replacement costs. A boiler repair is very expensive as compared to an annual maintenance service. You should get a boiler maintenance done rather than waiting for the boiler to stop working.

Professionals maintain boilers better

Our professionals perform a series of checks on your boiler to see if every component of the boiler is in proper working condition. These checks include:

  • a quick check to ensure that your boiler is ventilated properly

  • emissions check to know if there are any dangerous gas leakages

  • a check to ensure if the boiler was installed in a safe and proper manner

  • checks to ensure that the pipework of the boiler is done properly

  • a control check to see if the boiler controls are working properly

  • a pressure check to know if the water and gas pressure are right

  • a visual inspection for rust, corrosion, and leaks.


You will not be able to do all of these tests without the help of a professional, on your own. You should not even try to carry out the boiler maintenance procedure when you spot a leak. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and are often very difficult to detect. Having professional work carried out on your boiler is the best way to protect your boiler from any problems.

If you are looking out for professionals to find out those “hard to find parts” and maintain your boiler for you, Byron’s Plumbing is where you can put an end to your search. We have the best team of professionals who will provide you with the best boiler maintenance service and your boiler will not bother you every winter.

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