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Waterboss 950 Water Softener

Water softeners are units that are used for water softening. The water softeners eliminate the minerals in water that make the water hard. If the water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, it is called as hard water. Hard water leads to clogging of pipes, water spots, and reduced efficiency of your water heater. Hence, you do not want to have hard water.

Water softeners help treat hard water to reduce its negative impact. The water softeners are designed to eliminate the ions that are positively charged. Water treated with water softener has numerous benefits. However, not all the water softeners are efficient enough to improve the quality of water you have. The WaterBoss Model 950 Water Softener is a good choice. It can soften up to 35 grains per gallon and at the same time, reduce the taste and odors of chlorine.

The WaterBoss Model 950 Water Softener is an excellent option for every household because of many reasons.

  • Mixed media bed also functions as a chlorine filter
  • Functions as a drinking water filter due to the chlorine reduction that it offers
  • Improves the quality of the water you drink
  • Has a built-in, self-cleaning whole house filter so you do not have to change any cartridges
  • Offers whole house water softening
  • It is made in U.S.A

Using this WaterBoss Model 950 Water Softener, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Some benefits include:

  • Clean and shiny glassware, silverware, tiles, mirrors, plumbing fixtures, and the cars too
  • Clean and soften skin
  • No hard minerals trapped in fabric leading to soft clothing
  • Clothes last longer and the whites clothing does not have discoloration
  • Increases the life of water appliances like ice makers, coffee machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and laundry equipment
  • Helps save monthly energy costs and breakdown of water appliances

The WaterBoss Model 950 Water Softener takes 19 minutes and makes use of only 15 gallons water for the regeneration process. It also requires 2.5 pounds of salt for regeneration. This water softener is simply the best choice. You can get to know about more specifications and details of WaterBoss Model 950 water Softener by getting in touch with us.

Cost: $1900 + GST