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  • Water softeners
  • Water heaters
  • Toilet repair
  • Sump pumps
  • Hot water tanks
  • Gas lines
  • Furnace repair
  • Faucet repair
  • Boiler Maintenance
Hard water consumption is dangerous as it contains a lot of impurities that can harm your body. You need to make sure that the water you are drinking is absolutely safe. In order to make your water pure and safe for consumption, water softeners should be used. Water softeners remove out all the impurities from the hard water and give you clear water to drink.

What are the benefits of water softeners?

Apart from its basic functions, one of the major advantages of water softeners is that they can help to extend the life of all the appliances that use water, as well as your plumbing system. For example, a study shows that showerheads using hard water lost 75% of their flow rate in less than 18 months, while the ones which used softened water did maintain a full flow... Read More
Hot water is a necessity during the winter seasons. You cannot imagine having a shower with cold water in these days. And the only source that will get hot water to you is the water heater. This appliance has made the life of people easy and convenient. You want to ensure that the water heater functions in the best condition possible and if it experiences a problem, you want to get it repaired. At Byron’s Plumbing, we give our customers water heater service that keeps the hot water running.

Installing a water heater

When you replace your water heater, you should hire a reliable service. Byron’s Plumbing could be the right choice. Our professionals are insured and authorized. They will remove the old water heater and replace it with a new one expertly. It is recommended that you let Byron’s Plumbing do the installation of your new water heater as it involves dealing with natural gas, carbon monoxide, and a pressure-controlled holding tank.... Read More
Fixing a toilet is not very hard, provided you know what the problem is. Toilets are used regularly and hence, must be maintained on regularly too. If not maintained properly, it will frequently have problems . To avoid the toilet problems, you need to take some precautions.

What not to flush down the toilet?

Toilets are designed to take in waste generated by human beings. If you flush anything other than that, it could create a problem. Here’s what you should never flush down a toilet..... Read More
A sump pump is a must for any home in Calgary. It performs the specific function of pumping out water that may flood your basement during rains. A sump pump is critical not just to keep your home dry, but prevents the flood from causing any serious water damage to your home. At Byron’s Plumbing, we help customer pick the right sump pump, install it and ensure it is well maintained.

Buying a sump pump

If your house has a serious water problem, you will need a sump pump. Here are some few tips that you should take into consideration before buying a sump pump...... Read More
Hot water is a luxury each of love to enjoy, and during winter season, you really want your hot water tank to work. However, if it doesn’t, you might need to get your hot water tank repaired or install a new hot water tank. We ensure that you always have hot water.

How to pick a hot water tank?

Your home’s requirements will be different from that of any other home. Thus, you need to select a hot water tank that will serve your purpose. You might not be able to figure out which one will be a better option for your home. Byron’s Plumbing will help you choose the right hot water tank depending on capacity and budget. There are two types of hot water tanks available – a traditional hot water tank and a tankless hot water tank. You have the option of choosing between a traditional hot water tank, or a smaller, tankless unit that is eco-friendly...... Read More
You need to take the right steps to ensure your gas line is installed right. If you are thinking about natural gas line installation at your home, you should do it the right way. If you take precautions while installing the natural gas line, you will get maximum benefits out of it and you will not have to face problems in the future. Homes today cannot do without a gas line. A gas line is necessary for many appliances in your kitchen, bathroom and basement. A gas line installation at best can cause an appliance to malfunction and at worst, cause an explosion.

Professional gas line installation

Although the installation of the natural gas line looks like an easy job, it is not. There are many important things that have to be taken into account while installing a natural gas line at your home. It is, therefore, a good idea to let the Byron’s Plumbing professionals do it for you. They have been trained to do this and have a lot of experience too. You can, therefore, ensure complete safety of you and your family...... Read More
If you experience furnace problems on a daily basis, you need to think of furnace repair or replacement . The decision of repairing or replacing your furnace depends on various factors. It’s age, cost of repair and how much money you will save on a better system will help you decide whether you want to get a repair done or replace your furnace completely.

Furnace installation

If you don’t have a furnace, you need one for your home. Byron’s Plumbing have trained and certified, expert technicians who ensure that the furnace is installed in the right manner. You can rely on them completely. You do not have to take any worry about installation errors. They will do it in the best way, under safety conditions. Getting your furnace installed by Byron’s Plumbing, you will not have to get it repaired frequently. It will work efficiently and not give you many problems...... Read More
A faucet is a simple device that has one purpose – to provide you water. Most of us choose the ones that make our kitchens and bathrooms look beautiful, but beauty is secondary. The main function of a faucet is to bring water to you. If that main function is not fulfilled properly, your faucets are nothing but show pieces. You can have a blend of fashion and function when it comes to faucets, but focusing only on fashion would be a mistake.

How to pick your faucet?

Buying a new faucet depends on what and where it is going to be used for. You need to choose a kitchen faucet that will be able to handle everything you throw at it. If large pots and vessels always fill up your sink, you would want to choose a kitchen faucet with an arched neck as it will help with the functionality. And if you have a smaller kitchen, something that goes straight will be best for you...... Read More
The best way to ensure that your boiler does not break down is to have regular boiler maintenance checkups. Additionally, a maintenance checkup keeps your boiler running efficiently, keeping your energy bills down, especially during the winter months. A proactive maintenance program pays dividends in not only better boiler performance but also in the overall safety of those working in the boiler plant.

Don’t wait for a boiler breakdown to strike you. Our boiler maintenance service ensures that your boiler works without any interruption.

If you are looking at your boiler only when there is a problem, you are doing something very wrong. You should keep a watch on your boiler even when there is nothing wrong with it, and you will be able to get maximum benefits out of your boiler without having to spend too much on it...... Read More